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#TakeTheMaskOff Week 1

The #TakeTheMaskOff campaign is very near and dear to my heart! I am so proud to be a part of a community that encourages authenticity and acceptance over assimilation to a societal norm. The theme for the first of the six weeks this social media campaign is occurring is defining masking and discussing what wearing … Continue reading #TakeTheMaskOff Week 1


A twinge, a twitch--- just one. Pluck it; done. Throbbing & tender--- just another one...   Will you ever be done?

Danger In The Mommy Blogger Realm

The past couple of weeks have been a hard week for many people within the autistic community, myself included. Disability Day of Mourning is tomorrow. April is quickly approaching and bringing all of its blue awareness with it. The media frenzy surrounding the school shooting in Florida once the shooter’s autism diagnosis turned into a … Continue reading Danger In The Mommy Blogger Realm

Autism Caregivers: When Good Intentions Become Abusive

One of the more frustrating parts of online advocacy, specifically in the autism community, is the amazing amount of invalidation and disrespectful attacks that come from a lot of parents, caregivers, and those deemed “autism experts”. I am fairly active online on multiple platforms and see a huge number of autistic advocates attempting to educate … Continue reading Autism Caregivers: When Good Intentions Become Abusive

Autism and Empathy

One of the most widely circulated misconceptions about autistic people is that we are incapable of empathy as well as identifying and understanding emotions. There is definitely some merit in where this notion originates---autistic people, myself included, do tend to have some atypical responses to situations involving empathy and the emotions of others. However, atypical … Continue reading Autism and Empathy

Autism in the Workplace

For the first time in a long time, I wake up in the morning pretty happy to get to work. Of course I would probably still prefer to hang out in the comfort of my lovely apartment with my pets and my partner and my plants. But as far as jobs are concerned, I have … Continue reading Autism in the Workplace